What are the special performance requirements of PET shrink film for different packaging items?

Publish Time: 2024-06-13
As a material widely used in the packaging industry, PET shrink film has different performance characteristics and requirements for different packaging items. The following are the special performance requirements of PET shrink film for several common packaging items:

1. Food and beverage packaging

Non-toxic and odorless: Food-grade PET shrink film must ensure non-toxic and odorless, and will not cause pollution to food.

High transparency: It is convenient for consumers to observe the product and increase their desire to buy.

Good heat sealing: Ensure that the product will not leak during transportation and storage.

2. Electronic product packaging

Static protection: PET shrink film must have anti-static properties to prevent damage to electronic products.

High barrier properties: Effectively block external factors such as moisture and oxygen to protect electronic products from corrosion.

Sufficient mechanical strength: Ensure that it is not easy to break during transportation.

3. Pharmaceutical product packaging

Sterility: Pharmaceutical-grade PET shrink film must undergo strict aseptic treatment to ensure product safety.

Good printability: It is easy to print product information and warning signs.

Excellent shrinkage performance: Ensure that the drug packaging is tight to prevent contamination.

4. Daily necessities packaging

Aesthetics: PET shrink film can be printed with various patterns to enhance the appearance of the product.

Good weather resistance: It can maintain stable performance in different indoor and outdoor environments.

Recyclability: It meets environmental protection requirements and is easy to recycle and reuse.

In summary, the application of PET shrink film on different packaging items needs to meet specific performance requirements. These requirements are not only related to the safety and aesthetics of the product, but also to the transportation, storage and environmental protection of the product. Therefore, when selecting and using PET shrink film, it is necessary to make comprehensive considerations based on the specific packaging items and uses.

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