How to ensure the stable quality and performance of OPS shrink film during transportation and storage?

Publish Time: 2024-05-20
The stability of OPS shrink film's quality and performance during transportation and storage is crucial. Here are some key measures to ensure OPS shrink film remains in optimal condition during shipping and storage.

First of all, during transportation, appropriate packaging and transportation methods should be selected. OPS shrink film should be properly packaged in waterproof, dustproof and scratch-proof packaging materials to reduce damage caused by external environmental factors. In addition, excessive squeezing or friction should be avoided to prevent scratches or damage on the membrane surface. During transportation, temperature control is also very important. Transportation within a suitable temperature range should be ensured to avoid the impact of extreme temperatures on membrane performance.

In terms of storage, OPS shrink film should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments. Excessively high temperatures may cause the membrane to soften, deform or stick, affecting its performance. At the same time, contact with chemicals should be avoided to prevent corrosion or contamination of the membrane material.

In order to ensure the stable quality and performance of OPS shrink film, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out. During the storage period, the appearance and performance of the membrane should be checked regularly. If any abnormality is found, timely measures should be taken to deal with it. For example, if scratches or stains are found on the surface of the membrane, appropriate cleaning agents can be used to clean it; if deformation or adhesion of the membrane is found, appropriate stretching or separation can be performed.

In short, through the selection of appropriate packaging and transportation methods, storage environment control, and regular inspection and maintenance, you can ensure that OPS shrink film maintains the stability of its quality and performance during transportation and storage. This will help extend the service life of OPS shrink film and improve its performance in various application scenarios.

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