Why is OPS shrink film the secret weapon for innovative packaging?

Publish Time: 2024-05-08
In the packaging industry, OPS shrink film is known as the secret weapon for innovative packaging. OPS, the full name of "Oriented Poly Styrene", is a highly transparent, elastic and shrinkable plastic film that is widely used in packaging of food, beverages, daily necessities and other fields. OPS shrink film can be tightly wrapped on products through heating and shrinkage, presenting a perfect appearance and improving product display effects and packaging quality.

First of all, OPS shrink film has excellent transparency and gloss. Compared with traditional packaging materials, OPS shrink film is more transparent and can clearly display the appearance and internal content of the product, increasing the attractiveness and allure of the product. Its high gloss also makes the product look more refined and high-end, attracting consumers' attention and promoting product sales.

Secondly, OPS shrink film has excellent mechanical properties and shrinkage properties. The OPS film has been stretched and oriented to give it good elasticity and tear strength, and can effectively wrap products of various shapes and sizes to protect them from damage. When heated and shrunk, the OPS film can evenly shrink on the product surface to form various shapes of packaging, providing the product with perfect appearance and protection.

In addition, OPS shrink film also has excellent temperature resistance and moisture resistance. OPS film is not easily deformed and broken under high temperatures, can maintain its original shape and performance, and is suitable for use in various heating shrink packaging equipment. In terms of moisture resistance, OPS film has good moisture resistance, can effectively block water vapor and external moisture, and maintain the freshness and quality of products.

In general, OPS shrink film, as the secret weapon of innovative packaging, plays an important role in the packaging industry. Its excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical properties and temperature resistance make it the material of choice in the packaging industry.

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